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 it is very tricky to escape the reach of media distortion, personal biases, and to implement ethical and truly representative policies. People who grow up in households who believe certain things and whether you choose to accept or reject the ideas you grew up with will undoubtedly be molded into the person you are basedContinue reading “Politics”

The DSM and its flaws

The dsm was initallity created to try and alleviate some of the struggles health care professionals had when communicating, for example if a paitent where to switch health professionals. The solution was to create a common diagnostic language, first seen in 1917 when its purpose was to mainly gather statistics from mental hostpitals, but itContinue reading “The DSM and its flaws”

My Favorite Quotes

 My favorite quotes from author Haruki Murakami. Murakami’s work is oftentimes weird, and encrypted with meanings much deeper than what meets the eye, this is part of the reason I am drawn to his work, along with the genius storytelling, there is often much to learn from the things told in his books. Here areContinue reading “My Favorite Quotes”

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